Ammunition: Essentials of Leadership

I wrote this book as a complement to management material found in a number of business schools. I was inspired by the book called The Goal by Eliyahu Goldratt, from my days as an MBA student. Using fiction to teach concepts taught in business school, I think, are very effective. My aim with the book was to collect stories from a number of people I have experienced in my career and weave them into a single character. The books demonstrates key aspects of management and leadership and as the story evolves, so does the character, in the same way every good manager/leader does in their occupation.

Note to instructors in colleges there is an accompanying instructors guide for use with the books. It contains questions and case material for discussion. Contact me @ for more information. 



Ammunition: Essentials of Leadership demonstrates the qualities of great leadership through the eyes of a young Information Technology Manager, Ryan Sheridan, who believes in the glory and laurels of leadership, but discovers it to be a challenging role whose benefits are intangible and infinitely rewarding. He struggles with issues of micromanagement, petty jealousies and the pressures of corporate politics as they impede his career ambitions. However, Ryan, using his experience and knowledge, creates a strategy and employs tactics skillfully, enabling him to overcome operational challenges and personal tragedy. Through the use of a story, the reader experiences the effect of Ryan’s decisions, which can help aspiring and seasoned leaders understand the key qualities of leadership.


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