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A walk in silence

Each step I walk in silence

I see the road and the trees

The flowers and the leaves.

I walk one step at a time

With a weight that is only mine.

Seeds fall from the bag

A trail left for those who lag

Each step I walk in silence

Not to look behind

But I pray with a clear mind.

Taken for their fill

Plucked and stacked

For the walk up hill

A point unknown

Each step I walk in silence.

A Young One’s Quest.

A young boy in a village was always wanting to know more. He wanted to be the smartest in the village. Each day he would challenge others on how much he knew and even challenged the elders.

One day the boy in his quest for knowledge ventured into the forest and followed a strange path. He observed everything and took careful mental notes. The path and forest got denser and denser. Eventually he came upon a small lake. A mist appeared from the lake and a voice bellowed “Ask and receive what you seek”. The boys face lit up and in an instant he thought. Just as quick he began to cry and ran as fast as he could back to the village.

For 29 days he stayed in a small corner of his hut, sobbing and wailing. The elder of the village, entered the hut. He approached the boy and said ,”Young one , you have been here for almost 30 days. You speak to no one and have barely eaten, or have had drink. What troubles you?”

The boy began to sob and told the story. The elder asked, “What did you request of the mist?” The boy replied, “I wanted to know everything.” The elder asked,”Why Does this trouble you?” “Because”, replied the boy,” The voice said I would die in 30 days”.

The elder understood and thought for a moment and said, “Well, what did you do with this information?” Immediately, the boy understood and was enlightened.


Leadership is about making people perform better, making people better, and, making better people, at the same time

– Alexander Pelaez, from Ammunition: Essentials of Leadership

The Impact of IT-Enabled Coordination on Group Performance in an Electronic Group Buying Market

Authors:Karl R. Lang,Baruch College, City University of New York, USA,
Martin Yuecheng YuSchool of Information Systems, Singapore Management University, Singapore
Alexander PelaezBaruch College, City University of New York, USA,

Abstract This article presents an evaluation approach for alternative electronic market designs and examines the impact of introducing an IT-enabled innovation (a social communication tool to support group coordination) in an online group-buying market in terms of group decision-making and economic performance. Drawing on theory from economics, decision theory, and information systems, we present a competitive arousal model for a social buying setting that posits that introducing competitive arousal among buyers reduces buyer profits and that social facilitation can mitigate these costs through better task completion and time to completion rates. Using an economic experiment, we found that rivalry has a negative effect on buyer profits but also that pressure increases the efficiency of social communication in terms of group formation. We discuss the implications of these results.

Citation:Lang, K. R., Yu, M. Y., & Pelaez, A. (2014). The Impact of IT-Enabled Coordination on Group Performance in an Electronic Group-Buying Market. In PACIS (p. 209).

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